April 25 2013 Thursday at 09:54 AM

The Purrrfect Cat Eye

 The Purrrrfect CAT EYE

By Alicia Couri – 

Chief Makeup Artist & Creative Director

Perfect Solutions by AC Beauty

The hottest trend today in makeup is the Cat Eye look. It seems complicated to pull off but in 4 steps you can look like a pro. All you need is the right eyeliner (We will cover how to choose that), a mirror and the willingness to try.

Finding the right shape for your cat eye

The very first thing I want you to understand is symmetry.  There is NO symmetry in the composition of your face so stop trying to match everything perfectly! So look at your eyes, study them, see what is different about them and by noticing that then you will know how to slightly compensate what you are doing to get the desired effect. If your eyes turn down in the outer corners and you want them to lift up a bit, then the cat eye shape angles upward more toward your brow bone. If you want to elongate your eye, then you will want to pull straight out from the outer corner and create an exaggerated triangle more toward your temple. If you are not sure, take an eye liner pencil and use the technique below to try both angles to see which one flatters you eye shape and your face the most. It’s just makeup and can be removed so don’t be afraid to experiment and make mistakes ;-)

How to find the right liner

Now that you have the right shape; which is the appropriate liner to use for your desired result? There are several types of eyeliners on the market today. Here is a list of just a few and what they suit best.

Khol Pencil – Soft pencil that glides on easily. Very smudgeable and useful for heavy smokey eye looks.

Gel Pencil – Soft gel that glides on, smudgeable for a moment, then dries and sets like a crème liner. Depending on manufacturer, they can be waterproof. Great for smokey eyes that don’t smear, cat eyes, general lining, can be used easily in the waterline of the eye.

Liquid Liner w/ brush – For the steady hand, great for crisp, sharp lines when you want a bold defined lined eye. Because it is a thinner medium, it can bleed into fine lines and not suitable for hooded eyelids.

Felt tip Liquid liner pen – If you love liquid but want more control, this is a perfect medium to use. It gives control and is versatile, great for cat eye looks.

Gel/Crème liner in a Pot, to be used with a brush – Glides on smoothly, you need the right brush to assist with this one, but much like the gel pen, once dry it becomes waterproof. It has some smudgeability until dried, excellent for smokey looks since it can double as a crème shadow and won’t move until you are ready to take it off, also great for a cat eye.

Finally, technique

So you’ve determined the right shape you want for your cat eye and found the purrrrfect liner to use, now you’re ready to do it!

Step 1: Take your eyeliner and press it along the outer corner of your eye in the angle and direction you want your cat eye to be. This is where you can be creative and determine how exaggerated you want that line to appear. If only a slight cat eye, then draw a short line, if a more dramatic cat eye really pull that liner out.

Step 2: Now take your liner and start at the center of your lid and connect that line to the end point of your first line. Fill in the area between.

Step 3: Next, depending on how close to the inner corner of your eye you want your liner to go, start from that point on the inner corner and connect it to the liner in the center of your lid to create one smooth line.

Step 4: If you want to line under your eyes, then start again from the center of your bottom lash line and connect to the starting point of your first line. Again depending on how close to the inner eye you want to take your line, start from there and connect to the center of your lower lash line. Fill in the waterline if you want a more dramatic look.    

 This may take some practice to get it purrrrfect, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be cat eying it all day long ;-)

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